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Several Jain Temples, Some of them dating back to 10th Century A.D. built out of hard granite and with intricately carved pillars and other panels are found here. Thousand Pillared Temple of Chandranatha is the major attraction of Moodabidri. It also has Guru Basadi which houses the treasured Dhavala text. There are other Basadi's namely Ammanvara Basadi. Leppada Basadi etc. Almost all are situated in and around Basadi road.

Opposite this road you can also visit the birth place of famous Kannada poet Rathnakar Varni. Close to these monumnets you have the rare privilege of visiting Jain Nishidis. Unique burial sites of Jain Swamiji's.

Little more further in the Naravi road you can visit large granite monolith's called Konaje Kallu. These twin peaks of Konaje which was popularly called as the Ass's ears by the old time BritishKonaje Kallu sailors who could see them from the Arabian Sea while sailing down from Bombay to Mangalore.  This is an excellent location for a short hike passing through a forest containing many wild life and birds. And the caves half way up rock have given shelter to some ascetics who live there and have built a small shrine. In that area can also be seen some pre-historic stone age structures (dolmen), indicating long colonization of this area by man. Dolmen

Some of the oldest Hindu temples include, the temple at Kanthavara on the outskirts of Moodabidri (7th Century A.D.) and the Gowri temple in the heart of Moodabidri (9th Century A.D. )

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