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Places to Eat

Moodabidri has several good restaurants, even though it is small town. It has a large student population together with visiting tourists who patronise most of these restaurants..

Among the vegetarian restaurants notable ones are
Navami restaurant, Padival's restaurant, Pai's Parivar restaurant, Sri Laxmi restaurant and Laxmi launch home.

Non vegetarians also have  varied choices. They can eat at the  multi cuisine restaurant at Hotel Pancharathna International. Other well known eateries are Foodshoppy, Topgear, Midtown and Kadal. Other bars and restaurants include Pritham Bar, Sringar Bar. Most of the Non-vegetarian restaurants are attached with amply stocked bar. If you don't want such a place there still is a choice at Nishmitha's Parivar family restaurant.

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