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Moodabidri is located in a tropical hot humid region 13 degree north by 75 degree east. It is located at a medium elevation of 150 metres above Mean Sea Levelat approximately equal distance from the sea and Western Ghat Mountains which go up to 2000 metres above Mean Sea Level. It is in the path of the southwest monsoon, which brings over 4000 mm of rainfall during the month June-October. Annual temperature variesNeji- Rice cultivation between 16 and 35 degree Centigrade. The soil is mostly lateritic with some sandy loam along the coast. Traditionally this area grew Rice, Arecanut, Coconut, Cashew, Jackfruit, Breadfruit, Tamarind and Banana in addition to annual crops like Ginger, Chillies, Sweet potato etc. More recently new crops like Mango, Sapota, Pepper, Cocoa, Nutmeg, Clove, and Pineapple have been introduced. Many forest produce like Cinnamon, Soapnut, Kokam, Wild nutmeg, Bamboo, variety of timber products like Teak, Rose wood and other timbers and several medicinal herbs are also part of the economy.

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