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Being a tourist - oriented town famous for its Jain monuments, like Basadis and temples, Moodabidri attracts a very good population of tourists and pilgrims mainly coming from North India. 

To cater such a demand recently several hotels and restaurants have come up in Moodabidri. 

Prominent ones are

Hotel Pancharthna International- A high end hotel with all conceivable facilities, multi-cuisine restaurant situated very close to the center of the city.

Hotel Nishmitha- A distinguished hotel which caters for middle and budget conscious tourists.

Hotel Navami Comforts- A Business House with difference A group of concerns with varied services in Catering, Travel services, Boarding, Lodging facility, in house Shopping and entertainment

Hotel Padival's- Purely vegetarian restaurant with comfortable accommodation and very close to most of the monuments

Government Tourist Bungalow is also available when it is not occupied by some top bureaucrats or ministers.

Sri Jain Math provides dormitory accommodation to Jain pilgrims at their Jain chathra

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